The ZORMAK industrial company was established by the founder, owner and inventor Mr. Huseyin Zor in 1972. The first product to be manufactured was the “Movable Wheel Balancing Machine” in 1973.

1979 turned out to be the starting year for “a tradition of first to be manufactured machinery ” within the entire industrial history of Turkey. Because, that year the first Turkish designed and manufactured “Fixed Wheel Balancing Machine” was successfully tested and mass-produced by the ZORMAK facilities. In 1980, again a first in Turkey, the “Horizontal and Vertical Axis Industrial Type Balancing Machines” were manufactured. The first Horizontal Axis Industrial Type Balancing Machine was sold to the “Anadolu Skoda” company, which is known as “Anadolu Isuzu” today. Ever since those days of some 34 years ago, the ZORMAK Industrial Balancing Machines have been successfully serving in every part of the industry where a vibration-free/trouble-free rotational motion has been an issue of significance, from leather processing machinery to submersible water well pumps, from the military rocket factories and defense industry, all the way to the agricultural industry


Again, “the tradition of first to be manufactured machinery ” lead the way towards adapting the new era of “Digital Electronics” for our machinery in 1985. We were keeping a close persuit of computer technology as well. İn 1989, once again being one of the firsts, the ZORMAK begun to offer upon customer request, the computerized high precision digital electronic versions of all products within its product gum.

Below are other firsts which formed important benchmarks in Turkish and worldwide industrial history within the following years:

1989: The first Computerized Wheel Alignment Machine ever developed and manufactured in Turkey.

1992: The first Movable Computerized Dynamic Wheel Balancing Machine ever developed and manufactured in Turkey.

1993: The first Portable Computerized Dynamic Balancing Machine ever developed and manufactured not only in Turkey, but in the whole world.

With our own intellectual property rights on more than our 10 different patents and intense Research and Development activity, we keep a fast pace to develop new high technology machinery which keep setting new standards for the whole balancing industry worldwide. ZORMAK has been continuing its R&D and manufacturing works in our new factory in Ataturk Industrial Zone, Cigli, Izmir, Turkey.